A singer who gave her earnings to a homeless man receives “good karma” from a stranger just seconds later.

Liv Harland, from York, was in the middle of a performance in Manchester city centre when she spotted a homeless man rummaging through the bin for food.

As he pulls out some discarded chicken nuggets, she stops singing, and, eager to help, she walks over and says to him: “If I give you money will you get fresh ones?”

When he agrees, she walks straight over to her money pot where she pulls out a note and hands it to the man who thanked her profusely.

“Promise me you’ll get fresh ones,” she says to him as he walks away.

But seconds later, a kind man, who’d watched the exchange, gives her double the amount she gave away in return.

Liv shared the video on her TikTok @livharlandmusic, and captioned it: “Is this good karma or what??”

Since being posted, the video has been amassed more than 10 million views, two million likes and 11,000 comments from people who praised her kindness.

The man gave her double what she gave away
One person said: “Anyone notice the guy at the end watched her – then he repaid her kindness.”

Another wrote: “The fact that you didn’t even think twice. Such a kind heart.”

A third commented: “‘Sharing will not make you poorer.'”

Someone else wrote: “You could have said it over the mic to get attention, but you didn’t because you genuinely wanted to help him. [I love you] for that.”