Footage of an apparent ‘UFO’ has left people scratching their heads after the mysterious object was filmed above a flat in Glasgow.

Lynsey Currie said her boyfriend had filmed the mystery object above his flat in the Maryhill area of the city.

She told Glasgow Live it was ‘flying across the sky going from the northwest of Glasgow towards the southwest’.

The video footage appears to show an unidentified object floating across the city skyline, but what exactly the shape is remains a mystery.

The latest sighting isn’t the first suspected UFO that has been documented in recent weeks.

In Springfield, Missouri one man claimed to have seen a mysterious rotating metallic cube-shaped object in the sky.

Justin Johnson spotted something he just couldn’t explain hovering over some shops in the city.

The 30-year-old said it left him spooked – and others have come forward with similar experiences.

And last month it was revealed that Yorkshire is a ‘hot bed’ for UFO encounters after hundreds were reported in the past two decades alone.

In September, a strange triangular light moved across the night sky over Kingston-upon-Hull in Humberside.

In August a large orange glowing ball of light around 300ft high was spotted moving north to south in a smooth motion at about 11.30 at night in Otley.

And the same month in Pontefract four black objects were seen in a diamond formation travelling upwards and slowly out of view at around 8:30 at night.

Across the UK in just March and April 2020 alone there were 192 UFO sighting recorded in the country – up 200 per cent from 2019.